CiM – Series Two

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Label/Cat#: Delsin Holland – DSRCIM 1
Year: 30 October, 2020
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Bias (07:59)
2. Soft Rain (04:53)
3. Factory Preset One (04:38)
4. View 91 Fill (01:14)
5. Edit Micro Tune (04:38)

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Simon Walley aka CiM originally released Series Two on the revered Headspace imprint back in 1999 and now it gets a timely reissue on Delsin. Despite the passage of over two decades, these tracks have not aged. The gentle melodies and bubbling groove of “Soft Rain” is the type of deep techno-house you’d associate with labels like Dial, while on “Bias”, fragile bells and emotive synths are wrapped around an faster rhythm. “View 91 Fill” sees Walley deploy an electro arrangement to deliver wide-eyed, uplifting hooks, while on “Edit Micro Tune” and “Factory Preset One”, CiM’s glitchy, broken beat sound comes to the fore.

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