Violence – Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden

Label/Cat#: PTP – PTP 2004
Year: 8 September, 2017
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 70 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental

1. Be Still (05:36)
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog (03:05)
3. The Third Tiered Candle (05:32)
4. Human Dust (03:19)
5. Impotent Garden (03:50)
6. Abandoned Phoetus Further Obscured To Impregnate The Garden With Impotence (04:34)
7. …A Black Child Purloined In The Profane Dream, The Heart Of Darkness (04:11)

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“The focus of Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden is the overwhelming quality of history’s perpetual occurrence. My palette consists of the shattered micro-architecture of an unprejudiced, undiscerning, cosmopolitan, anti-culture massive music archive. A piece of this, a piece of that. The shattered remains of the ‘genre’, utilizing the mythopoeia behind each cultural movement to fight for meaning, schizophrenic terror, where you can’t tell which real aspect of a life coincides with which narrative, which model, or which came first. This music is a struggle. It is a struggle from within this anti-history vacuum, a struggle against the all-embracing, multicultural, ahistorical ecosystem of contemporary music that renders all hierarchies impotent and null.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Olin Caprison composes, produces, and performs for all of VIOLENCE’s output. Their compositions are known for their complexity, shifting between and combining multiple styles of music in single songs. Lyrically, VIOLENCE meditates on the oppressive nature of history, and explores ideas of archetypal memory and the stigmas that come with those memories.

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