Iku Sakan – Human Wave Music

Label/Cat#: Natural Sciences – NATURAL015
Country: UK
Year: 04 Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
Format: Cassette, EP, Limited Edition

A1 – Circulation (15:17)
A2 – Fluid Gold (16:06)
A3 – Holger (13:30)
B1 – Rotate & Resonate (10:30)
B2 – Serotonin’s Rainbow (25:38)
B3 – Warm Glow (02:19)

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IKU SAKAN’s ‘Human Wave Music’ is the final merging between the man and the machine. It’s steel drum crying from the parks of Osaka before long haul flights and the twist from Berlin machine dens. Nurtured among the worlds DIY and improv scenes, it’s the spiritual extraction of forgotten cries from deep within old circuit boards, drawn out through custom synthesiser rigs and effects units. Allowed to tell their story through 10 minute oscillations, the tracks twist and hypnotise through strains of electro-acoustic and modulated ambient, being being buried again beneath the hum of app congestion, lead and thick copper insulation.

The last call of analogue and digital pairing as traditional systems are lost to the megacity, compressed into a limited human artefact.

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