BT — A Song Across Wires

Alex Fireman 17 Декабрь 14 Comments Album, House, Progressive, Trance , ,

Label: Armada
Source: WEB, Album
Release date: August 16, 2013
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 400 Mb
Genre: Electronic
Genre: Trance / Progressive House

01-BT — Skylarking (Original Mix) [10:44]
02-BT Feat Fractal And JES — Letting Go (Original Mix) [06:18]
03-BT And Adam K — Tomahawk (Original Mix) [09:07]
04-BT Feat Fractal And Bada — City Life (Original Mix) [09:07]
05-BT Feat TyDi And Tania Zygar — Stem The Tides (Original Mix) [09:41]
06-BT Feat JES And TyDi — Tonight (Original Mix) [09:43]
07-BT Feat Christian Burns And Stefan Dabruck — Love Divine (Original Mix) [06:39]
08-BT And Aqualung — Surrounded (Original Mix) [05:48]
09-BT — Vervoeren (Original Mix) [06:08]
10-BT Feat Tritonal And Emma Hewitt — Calling Your Name (Original Mix) [06:31]
11-Arty Feat Nadia Ali And BT — Must Be The Love (Original Mix) [09:49]
12-BT Feat Dragon Feat Jontron Feat Senadee — Lifeline (Original Mix) [08:57]

13. BT – A Song Across Wires (Full Continuous Mix) (79:30)

320 kbps


  1. reda mounir says:

    A great & beautiffffffffffffful & amazing sounds

  2. Arkadia says:

    Hi Alex thanks for this amazing album, just a simply question are you gonna upload a different version instead of Itunes version?

  3. PP says:

    I love you so much for this Alex, thanks so much for having it up so quickly
    Keep up the awesome work man

  4. PP says:

    Oh just noticed its the iTunes version, any chance of the beatport extended versions?

  5. andre says:

    thank you for
    super speed

  6. ZinhoFan says:

    I would also like to see the extended versions release if this is possible. Thankx.

  7. Alex Fireman says:

    extended version + flac uploaded.

  8. Arkadia says:

    Hi Alex, I cannot download this EP, what I need to do on LinkBucks?

  9. BT BT BT! says:

    Can I get a reup for this please?

  10. hecticherman says:

    i need a password. Can anyone provide this? Thanks in advance